Membership Program
  • Membership Program for Luxury Travelers

    We know you love exploring new destinations, discovering unique cultures, and creating unforgettable memories. 

    Now, you have the chance to turn your love for travel into an even more rewarding venture.

Here's what makes our Program stand out:

Exclusive Travel Deals: As a member, you'll gain access to exclusive travel deals and selected offers.

Dedicated Travel Designer: Our team is committed to your success. You'll receive personalized support, marketing materials, and insights to help you maximize your affiliate journey.

Established Reputation: As a leading travel agency in the industry for over eight years, has earned the trust and recognition of its clients and partners. We are proud to be affiliated with prestigious consortia such as Serandipians and American Express GBT Network, which reflect our high standards of quality and service.



This is our foundational tier, crafted specifically for those setting off on their initial travel adventures. Despite being an entry-level membership, it offers a wealth of experiences, unlocking the door to the thrilling world of global exploration.

• Priority check-in service.

• Dedicated travel designer for personalized trip planning.

• Dedicated air travel consultant for optimal flight arrangements.

• Exclusive discounts on airfares.

• Special rates at select hotels.

• No account setup fee.

Price on Request


Voyager Membership suggests a level of experience and regular travel, fitting for members who will make use of the wider range of benefits.

• Includes all Level 1 benefits.

• Hotel Loyalty Status Upgrade for enhanced travel experiences.

• 24/7 access to a dedicated travel designer.

• Personalized assistance with your travel needs.

• Special discounts on transfer services.

• Complimentary access to VIP lounges (up to 3 per year).

• Dedicated travel management for hassle-free trip coordination.

• Special introductory price on your first business class ticket.

• Priority access for service requests.

• Discounted prices for car rentals and airport transfers.

• Special rates at luxury hotels.

• Discounted access to VIP lounges.

• Preferential rates and complimentary amenities at over 15,000 luxury hotels and prestigious properties worldwide.

Price on request


Globetrotter Membership is the level of membership that offering the most comprehensive set of benefits for frequent or luxury travelers.

• Includes all Level 2 benefits.

• Dedicated lifestyle manager for comprehensive travel and leisure planning.

• Unlimited bespoke travel planning for personalized travel experiences.

• Complimentary Elite status for select hotel brands.

• Unlimited complimentary reservation services for hotels, restaurants, airfares, wellness and spa services, private chauffeurs, car rentals, etc.

• One complimentary Blade helicopter transfer per year from JFK to Manhattan, NYC.

• Complimentary Platinum status for car rentals for premium vehicles and perks.

Price on Request


Signature Membership is the most personalized level of membership, offering the best changes made by your needs with benefits for jet-setters travelers.

• All benefits of membership affiliate program. 

• You let us know your needs and we make it happen.

Allow Voeja to become the architects of your cherished memories as we navigate a labyrinth of experiences that resonate deeply with your inner self, fostering a profound connection with the world and the countless narratives that unfold within its embrace. 

We understand the diverse spectrum of your wanderlust, encompassing a desire for urban cultural immersion as well as family escapades that bring joy to both the young and the young-at-heart.