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    Our system is different than that of the basic "booking sites" we have live people taking into account all the requests provided such as special accommodations and live view of each request that comes through. We have contracts with the airlines that allows for the best possible prices and seats, don't believe it? Give us a try and find out how much you can save!
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  • Need to Book an Emergency Flight?

    We have you covered, agents are on standby 24 hours a day 7 days a week who can help get you get with emergency booking requests up to a few hours in advance in some cases. 
  • We Offer Special Accommodations and Private Flights

    Feel Free To Ask Us About Private Flights- No Request Is Unreasonable

What Services Do We Offer?

      We have the most experienced agents on our team upholding an unparalleled reputation of assisting our clients in booking hotels and flights, including first class, business class, economy and even private flights. Our vast contracts and rapport with all the major airlines give us the upper hand at price negotiation that no online booking site or other agencies would be able to provide. In addition, we have access to a number of private planes, these connections are invaluable. As for hotels, we've got what you need and more, our team is able to get you the exactly what you need with haste and competitive pricing.  Have a special day in mind or need something prepared ahead of time for your arrival? We do that as well! Nothing to big for us to handle, with a simple call or message we can get the process started for you and we won't rest until every detail is to your liking.

    Need emergency accommodations? Your covered, we have priority booking for flights and most hotels worldwide! That means you get not only the best pricing, in addition to that you get access to our premium service for frequent flyers. Frequent flyers will have an itinerary based on personal preferences used in the past which expedites the process immensely. We have been able to have clients with frequent flyer benefits booked and on their way in as little as a few minutes!

Your Personal Travel Assistant

Think of us as your own personal travel assists, how long does it take to get through to the airlines to change a flight or book a ticket? If you've ever had to deal with that nightmare you know the answer is way too long, with our expert team we have a direct line to the major airlines and can have it done in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days of emailing back and forth. If you would like to lower travel costs for you or your business, give us a try and be sure you are getting the best possible value for the money. Feel free to reach our Travel Agents anytime via phone or email with any questions or concerns. We look forward to assisting you!

Live Support 24/7 

There are no website bookings to deal with here, we making your travel simplified. With Voeja Travel, you deal with a live person 24 hours a day 7 days a week who understands your needs. Which means we work holidays and weekends, our professional staff which  has many years of expertise working with the airlines and hotels our agents have a central system linked in with all the major airlines, can also negotiate exclusive offers with the airlines to provide the best possible prices to you. We have access to anything from private jets, to first class, business class down to finding you the cheapest flight on economy. Have a special need? We deal with everything for you, such as meal preference, chauffeur, seating placement and hotel reservations.  Our fares and contracts are only available to us because of the relationship we have with the major airlines, and hotels all of which can only be legally supplied privately. This is how you get the absolute best price and value. 

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