Kisawa Sanctuary Mozambique
A new concept in luxury hospitality located on Benguerra Island, Mozambique. Sitting on 5km of pristine tropical coastline, Kisawa has been created to ensure maximum privacy, with minimum impact on the natural environment, showcasing a rich design culture that celebrates craft and heritage.
Holistic wellness offering. Unparalleled privacy – the ‘space to be you’. Spectacular nature and marine wildlife. Supporting ocean research. Celebrating the Benguerra Island culture. Excellent and optimistic team offering service from the heart. Incredible guest experiences to immerse into the environment.
The Amandari hotel is styled after a Balinese village and features walkways, shrines, gardens and high paras stone walls. Amandari’s open air lobby was designed after Wantilan, a Balinese pavilion (bale) used for ceremonial activities in the village. 

A unique traditional Balinese village setting to experience ‘real life’ in Bali.

Integration into community & environment creates authentic Balinese experience.
Matild Palace, a luxury collection Hotel Hungary.

Built during the Belle Epoque era, in 1902, by Kálmán Giergl and Flóris Korb, the Matild Palace was developed under the patronage of Her Imperial and Royal Highness Maria Klotild of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to serve as the social hub of the city. 

The neo-baroque palace is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is under the monumental protection since 1977.  

Discover the nuances of unforgetable and exclusive adventures.